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Snippet.Cpp: Comparing Types of Classes

This snippet shows how to differentiate between two classes that have heritage from the same class.

Using the following classes:

class A {}
class B: public A { B(); }
class C: public A { C(); }

With the following variables:

A a;
A *b = new B();
A *c = new C();
if(typeid(b) == typeid(a))
    cout << "First is true" << endl; // A* != A
if(typeid(*b) == typeid(B))
    cout << "Second is true" << endl; // B = B
if(typeid(*b) == typeid(*c))
    cout << "Third is true" << endl; // B != C
if(typeid(b) == typeid(c))
    cout << "Fourth is true" << endl; // A* = A*

The pointer usage is important when using the typeid() in this situation.

As you might notice you can actually use the class name to compare like in the second example and not just objects.

Note: There is a name() method that can be used to print the class name. You might notice that there sometimes are pseudo-random numbers/letters before the actual name.

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