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LaTex: Using Tables

To create a table in LaTex you can just use a tabular block, or use a tabular block and a table wrapper block.

The table wrapper is used for positioning and additional presentation.



Where each optional means:

  • ‘h’ → “here”. Will appear where the table is declared.
  • ‘t’/‘b’ → “top”/“bottom”. Will appear at the top/bottom of the page where it is declared.
  • ‘p’ → “page” of floats. Will group all the table in one page.

    A caption can be added to the table by doing:


  • ‘width’ is the fixed width of the table.
  • ‘cols’ define the way columns are presented.

Defining a tabular’s presentation

Column presentation

  • ‘l’/‘r’ means the cell’s content will be aligned to the left/right.
  • ‘c’ will center the cells’s content.
  • ‘|’ will insert an column seperator. ‘||’ will use a double seperation between two columns.

Line presentation

  • ‘&’ marks the end of a cell and the placeholder of the seperator of a column.
  • ‘\hline’ draws an horizontal line to seperate two rows. ‘\hline\hline’ will use a double seperation between two rows.
  • ‘\\’ marks the end of a row.


Is the result of:

    Column 1 With long title & Column2 looooooong & Column3 longlong \\
    Value1/1 & Value 1/2 & Value 1/3 \\
    Value2/2 & Value 2/2 & Value 2/3 \\
\caption{Alot of stuff}

More information about LaTex tables can be found here.

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